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Everything an Alpha Woman Entrepreneur needs to STOP Struggling in her life & marriage. Coaching by an Alpha for an Alpha.

Take a Gratitude Day🙏☀️

Published: Wed, 01/31/24

Can You Remember the Last Time You Didn’t Need Anything? Didn’t need anything to: change, stop or increase. When was the last time you just stopped in…

Start Money💸, By Stopping _______ 🛑

Published: Wed, 01/10/24

What do you need to STOP DOING this Month to attract Wealth? Stop running around trying to ADD things to your To Do List.I need you to create a “To…

Start By Stopping!✋🤔⭐

Published: Wed, 01/03/24

Start By Stopping! January makes us want to do our lives better. To feel better. Look better. Love better. So what do Alphas do? You look for advice…

It’s Time for _______🎁🎄🧑‍🎄

Published: Wed, 12/13/23

Nope. Not Christmas. It’s time for…YOU. Here’s a little story about window shopping showing that making time for YOU, serves others in ways you cannot…

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